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I saw that others develop sites for $100 and $50. Why are you more expensive?

-A cheap site necessarily has some flaw. Professionals will not work for bread and water. For example, site designers promise to make a website for 1 day and for a symbolic amount. But they don't tell that they are selling a template, which you will have to customize yourself. Generally this is a useless picture without working buttons and text. You can forget about the positive image of the company with such a bad site.

When you cooperate with the Shturman team, you get a turnkey corporate site development. Feel the difference. We will give you a functional site with a modern design, adapted for smartphones and tablets. We will show you how to manage the site and add news.

Who will write texts and make photos?

-Experts: copywriters and photographers. Each project is unique, so we have included the cost of the texts of the main pages, and the rest are paid additionally. What else will be included in the cost of a corporate website development depends on your wishes and overall objectives. You will find out the final amount before signing the contract

What if I already have the logo and corporate identity?

-Great! We will start from working with the design of the site pages.

Why do I need a consultation?

-Expert consultation will help to see the new horizons. You will learn how the company will improve its image through web design and which page structure will present the company as a strong player on the market.

I don’t know anything about the sites, what do I need to do?

-Tell us what result you want to receive. The development of the corporate websites is our job, so we will make the terms of reference ourselves. You do not need to know the terminology and speak the same language with web programmers and designers. Show us which sites you like, explain why. And we will solve the problem using webdesign.

How does the site affect the image?

- Imagine a business person who does not use a mobile phone. It is a personal choice of everyone, but the question arises by itself: "Why? Why does not he have a mobile phone? ". Approximately the same questions arise for potential customers when they see old, non-functional sites of the 2000 model.

People still judge the reliability of the company by the cover.

I want potential customers to find the company online. Will you help?

-Yes, we will help. There are experts in online advertising in the Shturman team. After the development of corporate sites, we conduct contextual advertising campaigns in Google and Yandex. We optimize the site for search robots.

You won’t preach me?

-We talk about the online shops development if the client is interested in the process. That is at will. No, we will not load you with information, if it is important for you to get the result without going into the "kitchen" of the developers.

The price seems too high, guys…

-Of course expensive! And it's good that it's expensive. If it was cheap, we would have to hire students, not programmers with 10 years of experience. We could not solve your business problem, but only remove the bugs on the site, because there would be not enough money for tester either. A team of 8 experienced experts will work on your project. Otherwise, there will be no result, the development of the online shop site is not a game for children