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Stages of development of a corporate website

Stage 1
Analysis and strategy development

At this stage, we study the specifics of your business and product, analyze the market and competitors. Based on the information received, we build the most effective strategy for working on creating a website

Stage 2
Site design

We do logical design of the site structure. We work out the use cases, design the mobile and desktop versions of the interface and create prototypes of the pages. We pass all the developments to the client for approval.

Stage 3
Site design

At this stage, we develop the visual concept and style of the site. We create a design for the main and internal pages of the site for the desktop and mobile versions. We try to emphasize the image of your company through design and distinguish you from competitors.

Stage 4
Interface programming (layout)

We transfer the prototype to a real site - we make a description by the program code of the visual part of your resource. We also adapt the desktop version for mobile devices.

Stage 5
Integration of the control system

At this stage, we are programming the content management system. It is needed so that you can easily manage the content of the resource - create and edit content. This is convenient because your employees, even without special knowledge, will be able to work with the site without any problems.

Stage 6

Before launching, we test the performance, adaptability, and efficiency of the site. Testers test how well it works on different devices. They also carry out safety checks and load testing. This allows you to identify and eliminate deficiencies.

Stage 7
Website launch

We provide training for company employees with the administrative panel of the site. We connect the domain name and transfer it to the client's hosting, connect the web analytics. As a result, you get a corporate website completely ready for work.

Stage 8
Support and promotion

After the launch of the corporate website, our team provides the client with free technical support for at least 30 days (depending on the package chosen). We are also engaged in setting up advertising, therefore, with additional agreement, we will help to bring the first customers to the site.

Landing page tariff
Simplicity and individuality
This package is perfect for quickly moving your business to the online environment. The main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into buyers. You will receive a one-page website with an individually thoughtful design, which contains basic information about your product or service, and calls for the targeted action.
You get a completely ready-to-launch Landing page, which from the first days will start working for the result - checking your business idea, selling goods, leading the client further along the funnel.
What is included in the tariff:
  • page prototyping
  • development of individual page design
  • 30 days of free support
Completion time: from 40 days
Price: from 60 000 UAH
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"Quick start +" tariff
Affordable price combined with convenient use
Suitable for creating service sites and sites that require many pages.
By ordering the "Quick Start +" package, you get a website with an unlimited number of pages and with an individual design for the main page. At the same time, for an additional cost, you can order a design drawing for the rest of the pages.
Such a site forms the authority of the company, helps to quickly obtain data on prices for services or goods in a convenient form. Also, unlike the landing page, it contains more detailed information about the business - contacts, services, field of activity, team, examples of work, and so on.
By ordering a commercial site from us at the "Quick Start +" tariff, you will receive a site with a simple but convenient interface, with the author's design of the main page and an unlimited number of text pages. This is an excellent working tool for a business that wants to present its services / products on the Internet, but at the moment does not want to overpay.
What is included in the tariff:
  • prototyping one page
  • required number of text pages
  • development of the design of the main page
  • 30 days of free support
Completion time: from 40 days
Price: from 60 000 UAH
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"Premium" tariff
Individual approach and author's design
An excellent solution to present a small number of services or a product line for the image. If you want to emphasize the exclusivity of your product, the status of the company and broadcast your values ​​through the site, then this tariff is for you. You will get a custom design for all pages and an unlimited number of text pages. In addition to functionality, the site from the "Premium" package focuses on the presentability of your company.
In the "Premium" tariff you will receive not only a user-friendly interface, all the necessary functionality and complete information about the company's activities, but also an individual presentation using design.
What is included in the tariff:
  • prototyping at least 5 pages
  • unlimited text pages
  • design development at least 5 pages
  • 30 days of free support
Completion time: from 60 days
Price: from 80 000 UAH
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Enterprise tariff
Premium solution for your company
Suitable for large businesses that are planning to launch the best corporate website in its segment. This is a combination of author's design, status, custom development, advanced functionality and an unlimited number of text pages. Also, this package is suitable for the implementation of a unique idea that does not yet have examples of implementation on the market.
You will receive a corporate website of the highest level - it will emphasize the status and uniqueness of the company, distinguishing you from competitors
What is included in the tariff:
  • prototyping at least 12 pages
  • unlimited text pages
  • design development at least 12 pages
  • 40 days of free support
Completion time: from 110 days
Price: from 160 000 UAH
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Unique production technology

1. We delve into the tasks of your business on the Internet and offer solutions in the site interface to achieve your goals.

2. We determine the needs of your target audience, which will enhance the interaction with the site.

3. Let’s conduct a keyword analysis using the Google Keywords Planer tool and suggest a site structure.

As a result of our work, you will get a website that will allow you to make profit or positioning from the Internet.

IT Company “Shturman Group” received the status of a Google Partner in 2012. Our internet marketers and ppc specialists have current certificates from Google, which confirm their competence in setting up advertising campaigns on search, display advertising campaigns, video advertising, as well as Google Shopping. The partnership provides for the receipt of promotional codes to create new advertising campaigns for all our clients, without exception.


Are you connecting analytics systems?

Certainly. To make it convenient for the client to collect statistics about visitors after developing a corporate website, we connect Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika and Piwik systems

What do I get for a free consultation?

If you already have a website, but for some reason you are unhappy with it, we will audit it – we will tell you about usability problems and give recommendations on how to fix them. If you are interested in creating a corporate website from scratch, we will find a suitable solution for you.

Why so expensive?

How expensive! And it’s good that it’s expensive. If it were cheap, we would have to hire students, not programmers with 10 years of experience. We would not be able to solve your business problem, but would only remove bugs on the site, because there would not be enough money for a tester either. A team of 8 experienced experts will work on your project. Otherwise, there will be no result, because the development of a corporate website is not games for children.

And I will not be taught and treated?

We talk about creating a corporate website if the client is interested in the process. That is, at will. No, we will not load you with information if it is important for you to get the result without delving into the “kitchen” of the developers

I want potential clients to find a company on the Internet. Will you help me?

Yes, we will help. The Shturman team has Internet advertising specialists. After creating corporate sites, we conduct contextual advertising campaigns in Google and Yandex and optimize the site for search robots

How does the site affect the image?

Imagine a business person who doesn’t use a cell phone. Everyone’s personal choice, but the question suggests itself: “Why? Why doesn’t he have a mobile? ” Prospective customers have similar questions when they see old, non-functional sites dating back to 2000. People still judge a company’s reliability by its cover

I do not understand sites. What to do?

Tell what result you want to get. The creation of corporate websites is our job, so we ourselves will draw up a technical task. You do not need to know the terminology and speak the same language as programmers and designers. Show which sites you like and explain why. And we will solve the problem with the help of web design